Behind, Long Drives...

Behind, Long Drives...

A tale as straggling and aspiring as the one said in Long Drives with Sade by CALiENS, André "Dre Trav" Travis, and Connor "Ralph Quasar" Delaney does not come by without paying attention to details.

LONG DRIVES WITH SADE gained more mystery and intrigue as director Alex F. Cruz, and co-director André Travis concentrated on accommodating and developing the rough drafts from the beginning of spring to mid-summer 2022.

Cruz and Travis kept the film's eerie mood by providing bits of information to the public, paving the way for a lasting cinematic expedition that explores the nature of the universe and leaves open the question of what will happen next.

Here is a glimpse of quick snapshots from behind the scenes. It reveals the difficulty and reward in LONG DRIVES WITH SADE production in both on- and off-scenes settings.

D A Y 0 : T E S T I N G , T E S T I N G . . .

The trial day further broadened the concept. There was a moment we were not solely testing for the lights; instead, arranging the scene sites, organizing days' timetables, and additional time would theatrically add significance to the vision. Travis and Cruz activated this idea during conversations that the vast vistas would add importance and that the story may be more intriguing if it is entrenched in its natural color.

"How does it appear?" Andre queried. "We can solve this!" Alex answered.
Did you see the mask reference? The album covers for "Frances the Mute" caught the attention as a fan of The Mars Volta band. After the test shots, there seemed to be a gap, numerous trips to the fabric store, a few edits, and Mama Cruz's assistance. We succeeded! - André Travis

D A Y 1 : R E D  A N T

Southern California's springtime is breathtaking! Spent the days on the countryside, in Mt. Laguna, and the other subsequent trips were awesome. Everything from waking up at three in the morning to packing the vehicle to finding empty roads to drive along unhindered, spectacular scenery, wandering animals, and endless discussions.


Joseph, the assistant cameraman, got stung by a red ant early in the day. As the day went on, we met Howard, a writer, and editor, who was passing through on a cruise through the United States. He inquired about what we were recording as he stopped to look at the scene. We talked about writing, design, music, and film. Further, he requested that we play some music for him. Later, Howard revealed that he had published a few wildlife essays.

"Howard, you're quite knowledgeable about wildlife." Joe found it fascinating.
"What was the thought behind the video's ending once more? Howard replies amiably.
Joe enquired, "I was stung by a red ant; what should I do?"
Howard retorted. "I wrote about wildlife, not medicine."
"He's just being dramatic, don't worry about him. Lol." Alex stepped in. 

D A Y 2 : T H E  B A T T E R Y

The expedition took them through the valley to Jamul's peaks and eventually arrived at the famous Lower Otay Lakes Reservoir. The serenity created perfect conditions for a wonderful day at that moment: the sun was shining over open terrain, gorgeously lighted the sky, and the lake was enticing to behold.

T H E  V E H I C L E : 9 4 X L T

Taking inspiration from '90s aesthetics, iconic Cement Grey and White on the "Ford F-150 XLT", bridges the past with the present displays of landscapes. The return to earth that solidifies CALiENS position within the universe, delivering a fresh lens for the modern day, while the overall look keeps you rooted with the original relic from 94.

D A Y 3 : I N T E R L U D E

The second half of CALiENS was on set for the first time on this day. They tested thier vision to the maximum with Connor "Ralph Quasar" Delaney, Dre Trav has worked with Alex previously with projects, like My PPL, and Omnipresent off the YAMMS album with Tall,Drk. 

Each day faced many obstacles, but it was fantastic cooperation, and communication daily. Connor has been on their minds as the days close up, although they were unsure of his location at that particular time. They enjoy creating through limitations, building new worlds and undertaking novel endeavors. But even though the day was just a few hours old, we felt extremely constrained.

"What was that concept for the video's ending, Alex?" Andre inquired. "I want to take a picture of you from behind (pause), lit by the truck's headlights, so I can see your silhouette in the background.", Alex stated. "Ight, bet!" Andre said.
"Would you be willing to take the shot?" Alex asks Connor. "I am down," Connor grew curious. "Ok. But, you may need to be in your draws for the shot", Alex answers unsurely. "I'm naked on my first day on set. Lol," Connor says in jest.
"Lol, not really. Do you own any form-fitting clothing, such as a pair of long johns or tights?" Alex retorted.
Continuing to depict the pose and the photo will surface.
Connor says, "I think I have a pair of Nike tights somewhere." "It, bet. That should work," Alex says, relaxed. 

D A Y 4 : R Y O B I 

This was the most incredible day on set. It was perfect for taking photos. Anywhere you dropped the camera, you would have a shot. Due to its size and the shapes' awkwardness, the location's broad terrain created contrast, depth, and some of the most incredible impromptu props I've ever used.

As they got Trav's last scenes inside the truck, Alex instructed them throughout the day. Connor and Dev outside enjoying the music and the fading light. Something unexpected happened as Connor passed between the truck and the camera in the golf cart, as it was almost time for the decisive shot with Connor after angles, lighting, and timing check.

"Dev, what if we had driven passed Connor in the golf cart so that the dust would rise in the picture?" Andre enquired. "Let's try it," Alex replied, fascinated.
Dev makes a couple of passing gestures in the golf cart.
"It's not enough. The dust doesn't linger around long enough to be captured in the picture," claims Alex. "Hmm, Dev, y'all got a blower?" Andre enquired. "Yeah." Dev answered.
With the blower in his hands, Dev climbs inside the golf cart.
Dev comes back a short while later. Alex says, "All right, let's run it."
Dev presses the button, "Blower noise.” "RYOBI!" Andre exclaimed.



Directed by Alex F. Cruz
Co-Directed by André Travis
Executive Produced by André Travis and Connor Delaney
Cinematography by Alex F. Cruz
Edit and Sound by Zane Stewart
Assistant Camera by Joseph Moreno
Music Mixed by André Elias
Music Mastered by Jay James
All Songs by CALiENS


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