NASA logo-flip 2014. © Stillo / Wordmark

The world of CALiENS is a place, where life is splintered between peace and chaos, no matter where they are or where they are going the experience, remains the same, CALiENS, Andre Travis, and Connor Delaney bring you on their journeys: you step into the intriguing utopia the artists have cultivated within the music and the art.


Andres “Andy” Avina the elusive artist, art director, and illustrator of the majority of the colorful output of the CALiENS universe, was the first to bring visions to life.

In 2014, no sentiment on how to begin, seeking direction for the concept. After hearing the first album, Andy brings into the world one of the most iconic masterpieces that felt both infinite and concrete.

CALiENS 2014. © Andy Avina / Album
Followed by a collection of illustrations ranging from single art, merch items, and posters that brought the universe concurrently.

EYELIS 2018. © Andy Avina / Single

BELOW THE HORIZON 2018. © Andy Avina / Single


Regan Russell, the painter, illustrator, and craftsman who accepted the mission to carry out the vision, his illustrations vibrate with disruptive energy, and his compositions and color-ways explore multi-dimensional, myths, and unforeseen narratives.

 It’s this cool nonchalance feel to Regan’s work that has allowed the artwork to evolve from past to present, so smoothly without interruption.

THREE 2022. © Regan Russell / Album


LONG DRIVES WITH SADE 2022. © Regan Russell / Single


Cairo Mayeson McGee, a Music Producer, and illustrator take on indefinitely the most outside-the-box request to date, due to the specifics of the theme.

Mayeson’s work has this original allure and organic appeal of rawness, seems as work is still in progress. From the heavy textures and complexion palettes, Mayeson’s illustrations leave a deep footprint like the ones left on the moon. 

KALUHSED BY KHAOS 2022. © Mayeson / Single



Adrian "Spellwrks" Spelling, music producer, and animator, his works are often raw and abstract, based on influences of culture and originality, specializing in freehand drawn animation that utilizes enthusiastic silhouettes combined with traditional anime techniques.

 As the CALiENS fortify their experience, they tap in with Spellwrks to articulate the presence of motion and attempt to find new methods of communication. Stylistically the subjects became more solemn, and illustrious, and areas within pieces magically contrast with each other generating a connection with the observers.

LONG DRIVES WITH SADE 2022. © Spellwrks / Animation

KALUHSED BY KHAOS 2022. © Spellwrks / Animation


CALiENS ask and at times push the listeners to look differently at the imagery in front of them; They have collaborated with artists who all deconstruct the notion of 'ordinary' by forging with freedom changing the shapes of well-known insignias, electrically charged imagery, and innovative terrains, as they wander the universe. Stay tuned for more!

CALiENS "THREE" LP Out Now, available on all streaming platforms! Digital, Cassette available here